Jamie Calderon

2nd Vice President

Jamie has been a dedicated BVFD Member since December 2016. She became a charge Aide in May of 2018 and an EMS Driver in February of 2019. EMT Calderon consistently provides duty shift coverage as well as being flexible to cover additional shifts when possible. She has been an effective leader, mentor, and trainer over the past three years. She has been instrumental as a reliable leader on the Membership Committee, which she currently chairs. Her work engaging new Members from orientation to EMS training to ensuring advancement has been stellar. Her commitment to our community was quite evident on Tuesday night when she could not actually be present at her first official Board Meeting due to four (4) back-to-back Ambulance calls.
In addition, Jamie brings over ten (10) years of outpatient medicine and managerial experience to the Board of Directors. With degrees in Criminal Justice, Community Health, and Nursing, Jamie has shown a solid dedication to the development of our EMS program. She is also an ER Nurse and wishes to be a bridge between our growing community and emergency medical services personnel, serving in the community where she grew up.