Jaewon Hong


Jae joined the BVFD in August of 2013, completed the full EMT course and other required training to quickly earn his Charge Status. Recognizing we were short of trained firefighters, Jae then took the comprehensive Firefighter I and Firefighter II courses to become certified as a Firefighter.

Jae did a full EMS Duty Night (12 hours overnight) each week on our Ambulance, and also did a second full Fire Duty Night (second 12 hours overnight) riding fire apparatus.

Next Jae completed the County’s comprehensive Emergency Vehicle Operators Course at the Training Academy. EMT/FF Hong worked through the BVFD cognitive and practical examinations (on our EMS vehicles, emergency laws, area streets, and hospital running routes). The final training phase requires a candidate to demonstrate proficiency driving on numerous emergency calls under the evaluation of a trained/experienced Ambulance Driver. Jae was evaluated while driving on multiple emergency calls (including hospital transports), completing his final two calls last night. The BVFD salutes Jae’s remarkable hard work and dedication.

He has been an incredibly valuable member of the BVFD team, both on the operational side and as a Board Member. We are grateful for all he has done for us and for the community and we look forward to the next twelve months under his leadership.