Mission & Vision


Burtonsville Volunteer Fire Department Mission Statement

To promptly and professionally serve the needs of our community with pride, dedication, and excellence never failing to deliver quality emergency life safety services with the highest level of integrity, commitment, teamwork, and community engagement.

Burtonsville Volunteer Fire Department Vision Statement

We are a responsive and progressive part of the community we serve. We commit to excellence and professional accountability through effective training, technology and adapting to the changing needs of our community. We seek to remain respected by our citizens for anticipating and responding to their ever-changing needs. We embrace new technologies and techniques, focusing on training and education to provide the highest level of customer services and satisfaction in a professional and caring manner.

Burtonsville Volunteer Fire Department Organizational Values

We value the lives and property that we are entrusted to protect throughout our community. We value character, integrity, and honesty and require both personal and organizational accountability. We value reliability, each Member’s commitment to excellence in training and performance, and a passion for community service. We value leadership, teamwork, communication, innovation, collaboration, and initiative. We value diversity, are respectful, courteous and inclusive of the talents and needs of all while focusing on the social good we do as an organization and as individuals. We value tradition and the founding principles of loyalty and pride as they reflect the progressive heritage of our Department. We recognize and embrace the honor of carrying forward the legacy of those who served before us.